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Monday, November 1, 2010

What a Vegan Eats

November happens to be Vegan Mofo, or Vegan Month of Food. The idea is for bloggers to write as much as they can, in the month of November, about vegan food. The challenge is to try and write every weekday this month! (I will be falling back on that word try if necessary)

So, I'm in and it's November 1st! I've decided to make today's post about what I eat (generally speaking) on any given day as a vegan. I've taken pictures here and there of some of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners and here they are:

My typical breakfast food
 Above is my typical breakfast. I have a toasted lavash half with almond butter and sliced organic apples. This particular day I had some banana slices that were left over from oatmeal that I made for my daughters. I love the combination of almond butter and apples so much, that I rarely stray from this breakfast combo. I drink black organic coffee that I fresh-grind every other day or so (beats Starbucks hands down).

This was either my lunch or dinner, not sure. But I do remember it was fabulous! It's a lavash, dry-grilled in a skillet with my Hummus Perfection, roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes. Wow, that was so good.

The veggies above were part of dinner that I served over brown rice pasta. I roasted carrots, potatoes, yellow squash and bok choy. I actually steamed the bok choy separately and just served it on the same plate. For the vegetables, I washed and scrubbed them, cut and placed in a porcelain-coated roasting pan with shallow sides. I drizzled olive oil over the top and seasoned with fresh ground sea salt and pepper. I baked at 400 Fahrenheit for 15 minutes, then shook the veggies and baked another 15.

Here is my dinner plate. It has the brown rice pasta topped with the roasted veggies. At the bottom of the plate is my Red Quinoa Salad, and to the left of that is my Cashew Raw Slaw. I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil over the pasta too.

Above, we have one of my lunches with Tabbouleh, Cashew Raw Slaw, and Spicy Orange Moroccan Salad.

Hmmm. Lets see, we have a mish-mash of stuff here. The white stuff is mashed cauliflower with garlic. The greens are sauteed kale (with some olive oil, garlic and salt and pepper). The bowl above the greens is my Butternut Zucchini Explosion. The big green bowl is a salad tossed with romaine, apples, hearts of palm, chickpeas and some hemp seeds. I also see the Chickpea Salad (half-eaten as the appetizer). Oh, and a glass of organic red vino.
This was taken a few weeks ago on a day my sister came over for "movie night" and joined us in the vegan dinner.

This was my dinner on a day the rest of my family were eating non-vegan. It's funny, I typically get this particular look from one of my daughters when we all sit down to eat, and I'm eating different food. I'll describe the look as "what your eating looks really good, can I have a taste?"
I end up doling out some tastes to her, even though she has other food to eat. But, I don't mind at all. As a matter of fact, I'm so grateful my family likes my vegan food, because I love cooking it, it's delicious, healthier and kinder to the planet. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! and impressive. Can't imagine myself cooking like this.

Anonymous said...

My parents are Vegan and when they visit it makes me think about all the great things to cook that are so delicious. Your blog is so much fun to read and look at. Thank you for all the info. When I need some ideas I am going to your mom's FB and look up your blog again. Thanks...I bet you feel and look great because of your eating habits. My parents are 72 and they look and feel GREAT!!!!

Jeni Treehugger said...

All those meals are AWESOME!
Happy MoFo'ing.

Lisa Vega said...

Wow-I have tasted most of this stuff at your house and it is WONDERFUL!! and I am not even a Vegan :) I have made many of these things for myself and others and they too have loved them. My favorite is the roasted vegetables....I have never seen my kids (actually adults now) eat roasted carrots like they do....they actually will fight over it :)

Jen said...

To commenter whose parents are vegan-you can subscribe by email and get updates to my post (the whole post will be in one email with a link to the blog). Just in case you're interested!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments!