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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stuffing with Roasted Red Peppers and Chestnuts

This is before heating in the oven

This was so fun putting together, I can't wait to have some tomorrow! Every year, I usually make a stuffing, not by a recipe, but what I think will taste good.

This recipe has lots of stuff in it; Roasted red peppers, chestnuts, butternut squash, leeks, portobello mushrooms, onion, celery and rosemary bread.

Stuffing with Roasted Red Peppers and Chestnuts

3 stalks of celery, chopped
2 leeks (white part only), chopped
1 medium onion, diced
2 TBS olive oil
3 TBS Earth Balance buttery spread
2 tsp Italian seasoning
3 large portobello mushroom caps, sliced and chopped
4 whole, roasted red bell peppers, chopped
2 cups cooked butternut squash, diced
10 to 12 roasted chestnuts
5 cups (loosely packed) rustic bread
1/2 cup to 1/3 cup vegetable broth
Sea Salt and pepper to taste.

Saute the celery, onion and leeks in 1 TBS olive oil. After about 5 minutes, add the 3 TBS of Earth Balance and 2 tsp Italian seasoning and salt and pepper. Cook over medium heat until celery is soft and onion and leeks are slightly brown. Remove from pan and into bowl.

In same skillet, add the other 1 TBS olive oil. Add mushrooms and cook until soft and brownish black. Remove from pan and into bowl with celery mixture.

Add chopped roasted red peppers to bowl (and any juice that remained after roasting). Stir to combine.

 So far so good.

Add chopped butternut squash, chestnuts and torn bread. Add the veggie broth, a little at a time, until it's moist enough for your liking. Put stuffing into a lightly oiled baking dish. Cover with foil and bake at 350 degree Fahrenheit, until heated through.

I won't be baking mine until tomorrow, so I've refrigerated it.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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