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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Loving Hut Cafe

Bottom; Melody Wrap

Top; Energy Wrap

Just had lunch at the Loving Hut Cafe with my sis. It was great! I had the Melody Wrap with seaweed, cucumber, cilantro, carrot, tomato, apple, avocado and "mayo" which I think was made from potato mash(?).  My sister had the Energy Wrap with hummus, avocado, tomatoes, sprouts and carrots. Everything was really fresh and well prepared. We both loved it and will definitely go there again.

The Loving Hut is a fast growing international vegan chain of restaurants. I ate at one while on vacation last summer and loved it. So when they opened one here in Tampa, Florida, I was really happy, to say the least.

My Sister

Well, I've learned my lesson trying to do a post via mobile phone. The pictures would not go through after I tried several times, so when I sent the text only, it ended up posting 4 or 5 times, so those of you on my email list were receiving multiple emails. I deleted those posts since they were chopped up and all in the wrong order.  Please excuse the confusing emails!

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