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Friday, August 13, 2010

Raw Almond Hummus Nori Rolls

Almond Hummus Nori Rolls

I like to use this hummus in nori rolls because it's thick and spreads like sticky rice. The picture above, consists of almond hummus, red pepper, celery and red cabbage. But feel free to add avocado, green onions (that's really good) or anything else your heart desires.

(Sorry about the pic, it looked much better in person)

NOTE:  I am no expert in nori rolling! The directions below are as good as it gets here.

Raw Almond Hummus Nori Rolls
1/2 cup raw almond Hummus (see recipe)
1 Nori sheet
Matchstick size veggies of choice

Lay Nori sheet out, dull side up and spread hummus 1 cm thick end to end across to cover 3/4 of the nori sheet  Leaving one end bare. 

Add your chopped veggies of choice, end to end, across half of almond spread. Wet bare end with a smear of water. Roll, like you would a poster, as tight as possible (I know that's a lame analogy). Cut with a sharp knife into pieces.

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